Read SanWild's feature in the March 2012 issue of Africa Geographic by clicking here, or visit their website here.

SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary is a 15,000 acre property in South Africa's Limpopo Province, approximately 60 km from the town of Tzaneen.  It is in a remarkable habitat of open medium tall to tall woodland with a well-developed shrub layer and includes the unique Murchison Mountain Range.

The sanctuary was established to provide a home for wild animals rescued from "canned hunt" situations and other animal atrocities.  With objectives are to acquire habitat, and to save and rehabilitate wild animals in need of help, it now provides a safe haven for 4,500 free roaming African animals, including highly threatened South African species such as lions, cheetah and painted hunting dogs.

Both the wild animals and the land are protected in perpetuity under the San Wild Wildlife Trust. SanWild's goal is to establish a 25,000 acre sanctuary and to ultimately incorporate all available adjoining farmlands to form an ecologically viable wildlife reserve.

SanWild has nursed countless animals back to health and has introduced numerous rescued and rehabilitated wild animals including impala, kudu, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, waterbuck, common and mountain reedbuck, grey duiker, nyala, giraffe, zebras, steenbok, rhinos, hippos and elephants.  Some very elusive and rare creatures like pangolin and aardvark have also chosen of their own accord to make this protected reserve their home.  Wild leopard, cheetahs and a pack of rescued African Wild Dogs roam freely.  Many small predators like serval, caracal and civets can also be seen in the reserve and the sanctuary's large predator Cats' Rescue centre is home to a number of lions rescued from South Africa's sordid canned lion breeding and hunting industry.

The SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary also features a Savannah Private Bush Camp consisting of four luxury chalets, as well as a Luxury Tented Camp consisting of five self-catered safari-style tents. Visitors are able to view the amazing wildlife on morning and afternoon game drives, or guided ranger walks.