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Toorooka, NSW


Naganaga Vihara is a Buddhist women's community who seek to live as sustainably as possible. If you are involved in the Triratna Buddhist community, you are invited to stay as a visitor, solitary retreatant or volunteer. 

The sanctuary covers approximately 66.7 hectares comprised almost entirely of bushland, featuring pockets of rainforest, cycads and grass trees. Guests are surrounded by wildlife including brush-tailed possums, red-necked wallabies, wallaroos, bandicoots, flying foxes, sugar gliders, echidnas, dingos, quolls, long-necked tortoises, goannas, tawny frogmouths, black cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets.

Title Naganaga Vihara
Features Bush Regeneration, Bushwalking

Contact Details

Contact person Friends of the Western Buddhist Order
Phone (02) 6567 1416
Website http://naganagavihara.blogspot.com.au/
Email naganagavihara@gmail.com


Toorooka NSW 2440, Australia