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Daintree, North Queensland


Licuala Rainforest Refuge is an 18 hectare sanctuary on the southern side of the Alexandra Range which borders the Daintree National Park. The owners, Cheryll and Tony, are now offering eco-accommodation in the form of a private cabin with facilities. Guests have the option to assist in the important work being carried out at the sanctuary's wildlife rescue centre, including the rehabilitation of flying foxes (although, of course, you must be vaccinated).

The rainforest retreat is covered by undisturbed fan palm forest of conservation concern, and largely unexplored swamplands. Guests can explore the notophyll vine forests, and open and closed forests adjacent to the streams and floodplain which provide habitat for some highly threatened wildlife species.

Title Licuala Rainforest Refuge
Features Wildlife Rescue, Bushwalking

Contact Details

Contact person Cheryll Williams and Tony Young
Email tony_j_young@hotmail.com


Daintree QLD 4873, Australia