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- 4 hectares
A residence, wildlife sanctuary, bush regeneration site and research site


Garry and Kerrie Watterson are the owners of Stonewood, a property situated in Kurrajong, New South Wales. The property is a residence, wildlife sanctuary, bush regeneration site and education and research site. Garry and Kerrie wish to preserve the unique natural values on the block and have used several government grants to help maintain the land. They have also facilitated several university research projects on Stonewood and have recently participated in the National Landcare Conference.

Stonewood spans 4 hectares across a small, rural residential lot. The block forms part of a koala corridor along with 14 neighbouring properties, and Greater Sydney Landcare have referred to it as a “superhighway” for wildlife. The block is comprised of endangered Western Sydney Dry Rainforest and features several pristine creeks.  

Wildlife is abundant and includes platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus), koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus), swamp wallabies (Wallabia bicolor), snakes, lizards and 45 native bird species.

Property Name Stonewood
Property Size 4 hectares
Property Features Sanctuary For Sale
Owners Garry and Kerrie Watterson
Member Since 2022