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- 950 hectares
A residence, bush retreat and wildlife-friendly refuge


Stephen and Sharon Ross are the owners of Clarence River Wilderness Lodge, a property located in Tabulam, approximately 240km north-west of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. The property is located in the centre of the Great Dividing Range, and is used as a residence and wildlife refuge. The property is also used as a bush retreat for tourists, and provides recreational and educational activities for guests. Stephen and Sharon intend to maintain the property for its current uses whilst regenerating the native bushland.

Clarence River Wilderness Lodge covers 950 hectares and consists mainly of dry rainforest, tall open eucalypt forest and cleared river flats. The property ranges in elevation from 200-500 metres and is bordered on two sides by the Clarence River and Tooloom Creek. Vegetative species present are typically old-growth eucalypts such as grey gums (Eucalyptus biturbinata) and ironbarks (Eucalyptus crebra), with an understorey of barbed-wire grass (Cymbopogon refractus), snow grass (Poa sieberiana) and blady grass (Imperata cylindrica).

Wildlife species present on the sanctuary include brush-tailed rock wallabies (Petrogale penicillata), eastern quolls (Dasyurus viverrinus), red-necked wallabies (Macropus rufogriseus), platypuses (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) and rufous bettongs (Aepyprymnus rufescens).

Property Name Clarence River Wilderness Lodge
Property Size 950 hectares
Property Features Sanctuaries You Can Stay
Owners Stephen and Sharon Ross
Member Since 2017