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- 36.21 hectares
A wildlife sanctuary used for recreation and wildlife rehabilitation


Arnold and Mary Vayo are the owners of Vineyard Haven, a property located in New Italy, approximately 12km south of Woodburn, New South Wales. The property is currently used for recreation, wildlife rehabilitation and as a wildlife sanctuary, and is covered in full by a Voluntary Conservation Agreement with the NSW Environment Minister while also being a member of Land for Wildlife.  Furthermore, Vineyard Haven boasts walking trails and camping facilities in a designated area, featuring 100 tree identification signs, interpretive signage, a vintage weather station and Italian archaeological relics, which are State Heritage Listed.

The sanctuary covers 36.21 hectares and features regenerating littoral rainforest and dense dry/moist sclerophyll forest, some of which is old growth.  Weeds have been virtually eradicated on the property, with various ecosystems in a healthy state after at least 50 years without disturbance. The VCA states that “…the conservation area has outstanding integrity of the forest ecosystem.  These long-term unburnt stands of trees contain a healthy age structure ranging from large old senescing habitat emergent eucalypts to recently emerged seedlings with ‘pioneer’ rainforest seedlings increasingly present…” as well as noting that “…there are swarming populations of ground orchids.”

Known wildlife species which inhabit Vineyard Haven include dingos (Canis dingo), spotted-tailed quolls (Dasyurus maculatus), long-nosed bandicoots (Perameles nasuta), koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus), brush-tailed phascogales (Phascogale tapoatafa), red-necked pademelons (Thylogale thetis), lace monitors (Varanus varius) and a wide variety of other macropods, parrots, possums, gliders, snakes and spiders.

Property Name Vineyard Haven
Property Size 36.21 hectares
Property Features Land For Wildlife, Wildlife Carer, Voluntary Conservation Agreement (VCA)
Owners Arnold and Mary Vayo
Member Since 2012