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- 30 hectares
A residence, farm, eco-accommodation and wildlife-friendly sanctuary


Jenny and Jean-Pierre Bloemendal are the owners and managers of Seascape Retreat, a property located in Hindmarsh Valley, approximately 70km south of Adelaide, South Australia. The property is a wildlife-friendly sanctuary, farm and residence. Three villas on the property also provide an eco-friendly tourist accommodation. Jenny and Jean-Pierre plan to continue utilizing the property for these purposes whilst preserving the native vegetation for wildlife.

The property covers approximately 30 hectares on gently undulating hilly grassland. Over half of the property has been cleared for agriculture, with the remaining land consisting of grasslands interspersed with eucalypts. The property features several creeks and springs which provide water and habitat for wildlife. 

Vegetation on the property consists mainly of eucalypts including stringybarks (Eucalyptus obliqua) and pink flowering gums (Eucalyptus leucoxylon Rosea), as well as native pines (Callitris spp.). Grass trees (Xanthorrhoea spp.), wattles (Acacia spp.), correas and orchids also occur throughout the property.

A wide range of wildlife is found on the property including eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus), short-beaked echidnas (Tachyglossus aculeatus), southern brown bandicoots (Isoodon obesulus) and several species of antechinus. Reptiles such as red-bellied black snakes (Pseudechis porphyriacus), eastern brown snakes (Pseudonaja textilis) and various species of lizard are also present.  The creeks and springs provide habitat for numerous native fish, frogs and freshwater crayfish.

The property is also home to a variety of birdlife including wedge-tailed eagles (Aquila audax), grey currawongs (Strepera versicolor), laughing kookaburras (Dacelo novaeguineae) and superb fairy-wrens (Malurus cyaneus), as well as a multitude of parrots, ducks, grebes and herons.

Property Name Seascape Retreat
Property Size 30 hectares
Property Features Sanctuaries You Can Stay
Owners Jenny and Jean-Pierre Bloemendal
Member Since 2018
Website http://www.seascaperetreat.com.au/