The WLT welcomes owners of properties small or large that provide for the needs of all wildlife, common and rare species alike. The program is completely voluntary and there are no costs or legal obligations involved - becoming a member of the WLT will effectively complement any arrangements landowners already have on their properties, legal or otherwise. As long as you are conservation minded and welcome wildlife on your land, we would love to hear from you.Some size

Some size restrictions do apply (1-acre minimum as a general rule) but if your property is a little smaller please don't be deterred from applying - each application will be assessed on its own merits.

While a property may not be nationally or even regionally significant, it may provide essential habitat within the smaller framework, or it may serve as a useful linkage between other larger protected areas. In addition, such natural lands enrich the experiences of everyday human lives in a community, helping to foster the development of empathy and compassion toward nature.

We are frequently asked how joining the WLT affects the sale of a home or property, and the simple answer is not at all. We would, of course, be enthusiastic if the new owner was interested in keeping the property as a WLT sanctuary, and for the existing member’s new property to be added to the network as well, but if this isn’t the case it’s as simple as letting us know so that we can remove you from our database.

WLT member benefits include:

  • becoming part of a continually growing national and international network of sanctuaries promoting best conservation practices;

  • the facilitation of useful communication between sanctuary members and HSI staff;

  • help and advice regarding both the legal and ecological integrity of the property should it be required;

  • the opportunity to talk about the invaluable work undertaken to protect important wildlife habitats through feature pages on our website and in our regular Wildlife Lands newsletter; and

  • Wildlife Land Trust signs to erect on your property.