With the beginning of winter, we have welcomed three new sanctuaries to the Wildlife Land Trust! Our network now spans 740 sanctuaries across Australia, all contributing to over 77,400 hectares of habitat for wildlife.

This May the Wildlife Land Trust grew by 7 sanctuaries, adding 293 hectares of privately owned land to our wildlife-friendly network! We now encompass 739 sanctuaries and cover over 77,000 hectares across Australia.

With nine new sanctuaries contributing 300 hectares to our wildlife-friendly network, this April has been a great one for the Wildlife Land Trust!

The Wildlife Land Trust has seen fantastic growth this February, with 8 new members contributing just over 330 hectares to our wildlife-friendly community!

2021 is here, and in terms of our membership it’s off to a brilliant start with six new sanctuaries contributing 173 hectares to the Wildlife Land Trust!