This September the Wildlife Land Trust welcomed 10 new sanctuaries covering 778 hectares, bringing us to a total of 767 sanctuaries across Australia!

This August we welcomed nine new members to the Wildlife Land Trust, bringing our network to a total of 756 sanctuaries across Australia!

As winter sets in across the country along with lockdowns in most states, we hope you’re staying safe and keeping warm on your sanctuary!

With the beginning of winter, we have welcomed three new sanctuaries to the Wildlife Land Trust! Our network now spans 740 sanctuaries across Australia, all contributing to over 77,400 hectares of habitat for wildlife.

This May the Wildlife Land Trust grew by 7 sanctuaries, adding 293 hectares of privately owned land to our wildlife-friendly network! We now encompass 739 sanctuaries and cover over 77,000 hectares across Australia.