February has been a fantastic month for the Wildlife Land Trust, with 4 new sanctuaries contributing nearly 235 hectares to our wildlife-friendly network.

This year is off to a great start with six new sanctuaries contributing over 150 hectares to the Wildlife Land Trust! We've now reached 587 sanctuaries helping to preserve over 65,000 hectares of habitat.

It's been an outstanding year for the Wildlife Land Trust with an amazing 76 sanctuaries joining our network, bringing us to a grand total of 581 sanctuaries and more than 65,000 hectares involved with the program.

 This month we welcomed a phenomenal 11 new sanctuaries to the Wildlife Land Trust, adding 152 hectares of wildlife-friendly land! The Wildlife Land Trust now totals 577 sanctuaries and spans 64,940 hectares across Australia.

This October we’ve welcomed three new members to the Wildlife Land Trust, contributing just over 100 hectares of wildlife-friendly land to our network! The WLT now includes 566 sanctuaries and covers 64,790 hectares in Australia.