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New South Wales: Quoll Headquarters - 164 hectares - Steve Haslam

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Victoria: Witchwood - 9.1 hectares - Jill Redwood

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Queensland: The Roost - 39.75 hectares - Lynn Childs

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Tasmania: Lyn and Geoff's Refuge - 10 hectares - Lyn and Geoff Murray

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Western Australia: Tippaburra Valley - 2470 hectares - Buddy Kent

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New South Wales: Falls Forest Retreat - 80 hectares - Mary White

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Victoria: Wingura - 2.5 hectares - Suzanne and John Brandenberger

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Queensland: Cooper Creek Wilderness - 66.74 hectares - Prue Hewett

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News and Updates
Wildlife Lands Issue 19 PDF Print E-mail


The 19th edition of Wildlife Lands welcomes 62 new members, bringing our land total to 60,000 hectares. In this issue you'll find profiles of notable sanctuaries across Australia, including two wildlife rehabilitation sites and several of our Sanctuaries You Can Stay. This edition also unveils the results of our Wildlife Photo competition, displaying the winning photo and several runners-up. 


Also included as usual are our latest Threatened Ecological Community (Lowland Tropical Rainforest of the Wet Tropics Bioregion) and species (Leadbeater's possum) profiles, an updated map of our member sanctuaries and a table of all our newest members. 


To download a PDF of Wildlife Lands 19, click here

Wildlife Lands Issue 18 PDF Print E-mail


Issue 18 of Wildlife Lands covers off a successful 2016 for the Wildlife Land Trust and sets the scene for a prosperous year in 2017. Featuring a range of stunning member sanctuaries as well as information on sanctuaries that are currently for sale and sanctuaries where you can stay, this issue highlights the best features of the conservation community. 


Growing by a record 77 member sanctuaries last calendar year, there was certainly plenty of content to canvas including stories from Australian member sanctuary owners, threatened ecological community (Warkworth Sands Woodland of the Hunter Valley) and threatened species (Swift parrot) profiles, a recap of the HSWLT President and Board Member's visit to Australia, a sizeable new member table and plenty more!


To download a PDF of Wildlife Lands 18, click here

Wildlife Lands Issue 17 PDF Print E-mail


The 17th edition of Wildlife Lands documents the fantastic growth we've seen since our last issue with 50 new sanctuaries joining the WLT network, the long-awaited launch of our Sanctuaries You Can Stay program and the appointment of Ben Callison as the new president of our US affiliates, HSWLT. 


Of course, the newsletter wouldn't be complete without feature articles written by sanctuary owners from across the nation as well as our regular Threatened Ecological Community (Tuart Woodlands) and species (Barking Gecko) profiles, an updated sanctuary map and introductions to our most recent members. 


To download a PDF of Wildlife Lands 17, click here

Wildlife Lands Issue 16 PDF Print E-mail



This edition of the WLT biannual newsletter is filled with fantastic articles written by sanctuary owners around the country, an international sanctuary profile and introduction to the first WLT member refuge in the Northern Territory, and a special feature written by New Zealand WLT member Nora Shayeb detailing her tour to meet Far North Queensland sanctuary owners.


This is all rounded out by our regularly featured Threatened Ecological Community (Mallee bird community of the Murray Darling Depression bioregion) and species (grey-headed and spectacled flying-foxes) profiles, alongside an updated national sanctuary map and introductions to all of our new members welcomed since last edition.


To download a PDF of Wildlife Lands 16, click here.

Wildlife Lands Issue 15 PDF Print E-mail



The 15th edition of Wildlife Lands sees the addition of 32 new member sanctuaries, bringing the WLT to a total of 300 sanctuaries and over 40,000 hectares of wildlife-friendly land. In this edition we feature vital wildlife sanctuaries from around Australia, as well as WLT sanctuary profiles from Peru, New Zealand and the USA. Also included are a call to take action for Western Australian woodlands, Vale Garth Dixon and Vale Bob Koons. 


Also featured are the latest Threatened Ecological Community (Shale Sandstone Transition Forest; Hunter Valley Weeping Myall Woodland) and species (Dingo) profiles; our national sanctuaries map and a new WLT member table. 


To download a PDF of Wildlife Lands 15click here.

Special Bulletin: Wildlife Habitat Protection PDF Print E-mail



Humane Society International (HSI) celebrates 20 years of campaigning for Australian ecosystems and wildlife habitats with the release of a Special Bulletin -Conserving Australia's Threatened Ecosystems: An overview of HSI's Habitat Protection Program.  With many of HSI's habitat protection programs falling under the Wildlife Land Trust umbrella, it's a publication sure to be of interest to those following our activities.



Concentrating on campaigning for the introduction and continued effectiveness of strategic environmental legislation; the promotion of appropriate conservation policy at all levels of government; supporting rural communities and private landholders in the preservation of wildlife habitats; and the preparation of scientific justifications for conservation action, HSI's Habitat Protection Program has achieved much since being launched in 1994.  


To learn more, click here.


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