This August we welcomed nine new members to the Wildlife Land Trust, bringing our network to a total of 756 sanctuaries across Australia!

The Wildlife Land Trust now spans over 77,800 hectares, covering mountain, forest, wetland and desert habitats.

Among our newest arrivals is Lake Yalleena Nature Refuge, an incredible woodland property surrounding an artificial lake and home to Tasmanian pademelons, black swans, sea eagles and quolls.

Biodiversity month

The beginning of spring also marks the start of Biodiversity Month, a great time to appreciate the incredible web of life that surrounds us and the vital work that conservation-minded people are doing to preserve our ecosystems.

With many of us once again in lockdown, this may be the perfect chance to start a bush regeneration project, clean up a watercourse or look into reducing your household waste – all things that can have a very real impact on the plants and animals that share your sanctuary! For more ideas, click here.

Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust

Our partner organisation in the United States have just launched the Humane Stewardship Alliance, a vital step in meeting the country’s urgent need for wildlife habitat. This new program will provide non-binding and flexible agreements to landholders across the country, establishing sanctuaries across a wide range of properties and landscapes.

Along with their permanently covenanted sanctuary program, this alliance will help to safeguard habitat for bears, wolves, bobcats and many more vulnerable species.

Conservation in Queensland

We’ve had an incredible influx of new members from Queensland’s Wet Tropics Bioregion, introduced by Ingrid Marker, the manager of the Guardians of the Wet Tropics community group.

It’s fantastic to see landowners in this critical region looking to protect and restore their properties, which are often home to cassowaries, tree kangaroos, spectacled flying-foxes and many more threatened and endemic species.

If you want to learn more about conservation programs in Queensland or would like to join the Guardians of the Wet Tropics, download our factsheet here.

We hope you’re looking forward to a peaceful spring on your sanctuary!