This September the Wildlife Land Trust welcomed 10 new sanctuaries covering 778 hectares, bringing us to a total of 767 sanctuaries across Australia!

Among these is Box Ridge, an incredible woodland sanctuary in New South Wales spanning over 500 hectares. This sanctuary’s eucalypt woodlands are home to lyrebirds, gang-gang cockatoos and red-necked wallabies, and are also used to produce small-scale, sustainable essential oils.

Threatened Species Day

Threatened Species Day was on the 7th of September, marking the 85th anniversary of the Tasmanian tiger becoming extinct. Humane Society International is a leader in recognising and protecting Australia’s threatened species – we’re responsible for securing threatened listings for 73 native species and 37 ecological communities across Australia.

Learn more about how this process works here:

Grow a Seed Project

Girl Guides South Australia has launched the Grow a Seed Project to help landowners restore fire-affected koala habitats, building a better future for wildlife. Their locally-sourced Grow a Seed kits provide everything you need to begin planting trees, including pink gum (Eucalyptus fasiculosa) and yellow gum (Eucalyptus leucoxylon) seeds. The funds raised with this program go right back into conservation, supporting the restoration of the koala sanctuary at Douglas Scrub Campsite which was damaged in recent fires. 

Kits are only $4.95 – get yours here:

Securing your sanctuary

And finally, a timely reminder to check up on the security of your sanctuary. Trespassers recently felled several old-growth trees on NSW sanctuary The Knoll, and similarly several trees have also been poisoned on QLD sanctuary Muru Guran.

Many government-run conservation programs and environmental legal entities can help with advice and funding for security on sanctuaries, and working with your neighbours can help keep everyone informed and vigilant.