We hope you had a wonderful break and are having a great start to 2022! The Wildlife Land Trust has had a fantastic month for growth, with 10 new members contributing over 120 hectares of wildlife friendly land in rainforests, woodlands, wetlands and grasslands across Australia.

One of our newest additions is The Teasdales at Pelican Lagoon, an expansive coastal sanctuary which has undergone 22 years of habitat restoration!

Wildlife News

Humane Society International ended last year with a huge win for wildlife and habitat, with four of our nominated Threatened Ecological Communities receiving increased protection. These listings help to raise awareness as well as unlocking potential research, recovery strategies and funding streams to restore these communities.

All six of the communities listed last year were nominated by HSI, but there’s always more work to do to ensure their protection – read more about it here: https://hsi.org.au/blog/threatened-habitat-listings-end-the-year-on-a-high-for-wildlife/

WLT Feature

After the Black Summer of 2020, many sanctuary owners were faced with the destruction of the habitat, wildlife and homes they worked to protect. Paula Boer, like many NSW landowners, endured the fires only to see torrential rains and flooding a few months later, causing enormous damage to her WLT sanctuary, Badja.

In her new book, Bushfire Recovery at Badja – A Landowner’s Observations, she observes the remarkable resilience of nature as kangaroos, echidnas, birds, insects and plants return to the land. Accompanied by over 1,300 photographs, this is a fantastic read!

Learn more here: https://paulaboer.com/bushfire-recovery/