November 2017

This month we're very happy to welcome 10 new sanctuaries and 1,331 hectares to the Wildlife Land Trust, a fantastic boost for the tail end of the year. 

With this influx we have achieved a major milestone in the WLT's history – reaching 500 members! With over 61,000 hectares now involved across the country, our program has helped to preserve a vast range of ecosystems and wildlife. The WLT has now been supporting conservation-minded Australians for 10 years, and we would like to congratulate all of our members for their dedication to protecting wildlife, conserving ecosystems and inspiring their communities. 

Feature Members

Rusty Smith and Justine Douglas are the owners of Kennedy Springs and Meunga Creek Farm, our 500th and 501st member sanctuaries. As landowners that support sustainable farming, eco-tourism and conservation, they represent a range of core values of WLT members across Australia. Meunga Creek Farm is part of the Terrain NRM Mahogany Glider Recovery Plan, supporting conservation of the endangered mahogany glider by establishing wildlife corridors, installing wildlife-friendly fencing and implementing sustainable cattle grazing techniques. Kennedy Springs also features a farmstay accommodation, where guests can explore the countryside and adjoining Girringun National Park whilst learning about the importance of conservation in rural places. 

Sanctuaries You Can Stay

The holidays are fast approaching, and it's no better time for a family getaway! Our Sanctuaries You Can Stay program has had some fantastic new additions including Waminda Farm and Clarence River Wilderness Lodge. Not only will you get to experience first-hand the unique wildlife and beautiful landscapes Australia has to offer, you'll be supporting fellow WLT members with conservation efforts on their sanctuaries. 

Sanctuaries for Sale

Looking for a sea (or bush) change? We have a range of new Sanctuaries for Sale to suit any budget or lifestyle from the serene and spacious homestead of Lyn and Cliff's Refuge to the impressive eco-enterprise of Weltevreden Domes Retreat. Our latest available property, Flinty Ridge, features a beautiful three bedroom homestead surrounded by 2.8 hectares of undisturbed forest and is home to echidnas, wallabies and quolls. Feel free to get in touch if you would like information on any of the properties featured.