January 2018

Our network has been growing rapidly this month with 8 new sanctuaries contributing over 1,500 hectares of wildlife-friendly land, bringing our total to 513 sanctuaries and over 6,700 hectares across Australia. 

So far we have new sanctuaries in New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

Current members Ken, Sandy and Steph Loveland have added a new sanctuary called Doherty which covers over 1,000 hectares in Western Australia. Their existing sanctuary, Kenandra, features a vast array of native flora and fauna as well as being a site for their wildlife rescue and rehabilitation program, Loveland for Wildlife.

Love Species 2018

We have once again been invited to take part in ARKive's Love Species campaign, a program that raises awareness for underappreciated species around the world. We came out on top the previous two years with our nominations for the grey-headed flying fox and dingo and we're hoping to win the third year in a row! This year we're calling on all our members to show their support for the bare-nosed wombat, a species we believe inspires all Australians with its no-nonsense attitude and charming personality. Although they are loved by most, wombats have been treated terribly in recent years with habitat destruction, mange, shooting and road strikes threatening populations across the country. This is your chance to give some extra love to these wonderful creatures and the inspiring people who care for them, including WLT sanctuaries Rocklily Wombats, Cedar Creek, Sleepy Burrows and many more.  

Conservation News

The Wildlife Land Trust is a strong campaigner for wombat welfare and conservation, and we believe that public support is crucial for encouraging governments to protect these animals. We're currently working to get mange in wombat populations listed as a federally recognised Key Threatening Process, and we need support from carers and conservationists to make our voices heard.