December 2017

The end of the year is fast approaching! This year the Wildlife Land Trust welcomed a record 85 new member sanctuaries and 4,952 new wildlife-friendly hectares to our network. 

We have surpassed our goals with a total of 504 member sanctuaries and over 61,000 hectares of habitat for wildlife, and seen fantastic growth in our new Sanctuaries You Can Stay program. Our members have helped to conserve some of Australia's most unique wildlife, and we'd like to thank everyone for their unyielding support and enthusiasm. 


It's been an exciting year, with Wildlife Land Trust staff attending conferences and forums across Australia to share new ideas and discuss a range of conservation-based issues. In February we discussed the potential of a Wildlife Rehabilitation Release Network with the NSW Wildlife Council, in June we attended the Threatened Species Commissioner's Community Round Table discussion to encourage action on dingo conservation, and we also attended the Federal Government's National Reserves System Forum and participated in regular meetings as a member of the NSW Flying-fox Conservation Committee. 

In September, we headed to Geraldton to discuss current threatened species issues at the Threatened Species Forum, and we also chaired the "Stewardship and Protection” session at the National Private Land Conservation Conference in Hobart, Tasmania.

We also travelled to Denver, Colorado to attend the Land Trust Alliance Rally in late October, where we caught up with the latest land conservation news and ideas from around the world, met with renowned ecologists and wildlife experts, and connected with our US affiliates, The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust. The year was rounded out with participation at the International Compassionate Conservation Conference in the Blue Mountains to discuss animal welfare in conservation programs.

Threatened Ecological Communities

For many years the Wildlife Land Trust has been at the forefront of Australian habitat protection, providing an important link to government representatives and scientific committees. This year has seen great success with all three of the threatened ecosystems we nominated for national protection being prioritised for further assessment, including a Lowland Tropical Rainforest community which provides critical habitat for cassowaries and tree kangaroos. Successful listings are a major step towards adequate federal protection of these threatened habitats, and we look forward to their finalisation. 


In March we hosted the Warriwillah Workshop on land conservation. Garth Dixon generously donated Warriwillah to Humane Society International in 2006, and this workshop allowed us to highlight the value of private land conservation to local landowners and demonstrate how to best support wildlife and habitats on properties.

Sanctuaries You Can Stay

Our Sanctuaries You Can Stay program has the perfect vacation spots for those who want to try something a little different these holidays. Escape the crowds and connect with nature while learning about and supporting the important conservation work carried out on WLT sanctuaries. You can explore the incredible biodiversity of Quaalup Homestead Wilderness Retreat in Western Australia or adventure into the breathtaking wilderness of Mountain Valley in Tasmania. Our Sanctuaries You Can Stay Program is more popular than ever, so if you would like to register your own eco-friendly accommodation let us know!

Wishing all our members a happy holidays and a fantastic start to the New Year! We hope that everyone's sanctuaries are doing well, and we'll be back early in 2018 to welcome new Wildlife Land Trust members and continue supporting the fantastic work you all do for native species and their habitats.