February 2018

The Wildlife Land Trust is going strong with 7 new members adding over 218 hectares of land supporting wildlife across the country!

We’ve now reached 520 sanctuaries and close to 63,000 hectares, setting the stage for a phenomenal year ahead. Among our new sanctuaries is Te Kapowai, a NSW-based centre for biodiversity, and Opossum Bay Cottage, our first sanctuary on Flinders Island in Tasmania.

Conservation News

Valentine’s Day saw the results of the ARKive LoveSpecies18 campaign, and although we were bested by the (amazing!) Galapagos racers, we managed to get the bare-nosed wombat up to second place! Public awareness is a big part of species protection, and with your vote we have more support than ever for this wonderful and unfairly treated animal. We’re currently working on a submission to the federal government to improve the research, treatment and prevention of mange in southern hairy-nosed wombats and your support gives us the backing we need to help save all wombat species.


The 3rd of March highlights an important day for conservation - World Wildlife Day! Developed by the UN, this marks a day for celebrating wild flora and fauna and raising awareness for the plights of wild species. Check out our Facebook and Twitter, where we’ll be doing special features for some of our favourite native Australian species.

NSW Grants Update

We also have some important news for anyone who is considering applying for a grant under the NSW Private Land Conservation Grants (PLCG) program. The Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT), run by the NSW government, has taken back this year’s grant allowance in preparation for the new government-run grants program starting up soon. The WLT will not have any programs this year for our members; however we are working with several partners to establish a new program which we are sure will benefit WLT members across NSW. We’ll keep everyone updated on any new developments with our monthly newsletters, so stay tuned!