This March the Wildlife Land Trust is happy to welcome 3 new members, bringing us to 523 member sanctuaries across Australia.

With 134 new hectares added, we’ve surpassed 63,000 hectares, a fantastic achievement! Among these are Ravenswood, a sanctuary in Queensland with its own dedicated wildlife blog and Corang River B&B, a wildlife-friendly farm and brand new addition to our Sanctuaries You Can Stay program.

Website update

Our new website is now up and running, with a fresh new look and easier access to all our important programs, factsheets and sanctuaries. Head on over to and check out our new features, including an archive of all our recent news and updates, a handy map to make navigation easier and a much improved “For Sale” page.

Unfortunately most links to our old website will not work anymore, so just let us know if you have trouble with finding anything on our new site. The website’s still in its early days so if you notice any mistakes or want to update any information just let us know, we appreciate any feedback! With this upgrade we’re hoping to develop even more features and programs to make the Wildlife Land Trust a leader in private land conservation and community support.

Conservation news

Humane Society International and the Wildlife Land Trust are working hard to help support wombats and the people that care for them. Head on over to our new blog all about wombats, the threats they face and the inspiring people helping to save them.

Wombats are one of Australia’s most iconic species but with the threats of sarcoptic mange, habitat destruction, predation, culling and road strikes they’re faced with more challenges than ever. We’re currently seeking national recognition of mange as a Key Threatening Process (KTP) affecting hairy-nosed wombats.  Our submission has just been sent out to the Threatened Species Scientific Committee, and if it is approved for assessment it will be the first step towards developing a nation-wide action plan to manage this terrible disease.

We hope everyone’s enjoying some cooler weather on their sanctuaries and looking forward to a restful Easter break!