We've welcomed 6 new sanctuaries contributing 349 wildlife-friendly hectares to the Wildlife Land Trust this May.

We now have 535 sanctuaries helping to conserve 63,446 hectares of habitat across Australia! Among these are Hidden Grove Retreat, a luxury eco-retreat in Western Australia; and Linda and Peter's Refuge, a rescue and rehabilitation site for orphaned agile wallabies.

Conservation News

Humane Society International and the Wildlife Land Trust have long been opposed to the use of opera house yabby nets in waterways. These traps can inadvertently capture platypus, which drown quickly in the underwater nets. This month we were very happy to hear that yabby traps have been banned from all public Victorian waterways, and will be removed from most major retailers in the state. We hope that this will pave the way for a national phase-out of these unnecessarily cruel nets.

World Turtle Day

On the 23rd of May, we celebrated World Turtle Day and all the fantastic WLT sanctuaries that provide vital habitat for Australia's many turtle species. Among these are BanuBanu Beach Retreat on Bremer Island, which protects important nesting beaches for green, hawksbill and flatback marine turtles; and Noosa Avalon Farm Cottages, whose waterways provide important breeding grounds for the endangered Mary River Turtle. 

We hope you're doing well on your sanctuaries and looking forward to some rain and cooler weather!