This August we’ve welcomed members from every state in Australia! With 10 new members adding 654 hectares, the Wildlife Land Trust now includes 555 sanctuaries and over 64,000 hectares of private land now under wildlife-friendly stewardship.

Among these is Araucaria Wildlife Refuge, a dedicated wildlife rehabilitation and release site which also features significant habitat for gliders, koalas and honeyeaters!

Now that we’ve surpassed the ten-year mark, we think it’s a great time to check back on all our members and see how your sanctuary is doing since you joined the WLT. If you’d like to give us an update, please fill in our short survey here: or send us an email with any relevant information. We greatly appreciate any contributions – the data we collect will be vital for us as well as our international partners!

Our Sanctuaries You Can Stay program has seen some recent growth just in time for spring! If you’re looking for a vacation off the beaten track be sure to check out our latest features. Head to South Australia’s Kookaburra Creek Retreat for spectacular mountain biking and hiking trails, or enjoy wildlife spotting and gold panning at the picturesque Acacia Ridge Bush Camp in NSW. 

Dingo conservation is a very important issue for Humane Society International and WLT Head of Programs Evan Quartermain has campaigned strongly for years for their recognition and protection as a native species. Check out Evan’s feature on the HSI blog for a fantastic overview of our fight to help save one of Australia’s most iconic species.

We hope you’re looking forward to the arrival of spring and hopefully some much needed rain!