This September saw 8 new members contributing 231 hectares of wildlife-friendly land to the Wildlife Land Trust! The WLT now includes a phenomenal 563 sanctuaries and 64,689 hectares of habitat for native species.

Wildlife News

Spring is an important time for wildlife, with many species becoming more active and numerous as the weather warms.  A reminder to take extra care driving around wildlife hotspots, as young animals will soon be emerging and some wildlife will be looking for an easy meal around roadsides! It’s also important to be aware of snakes and other potentially dangerous animals in areas like woodpiles, barns and leaf litter.  


Humane Society International has spoken out strongly against the light sentences given to perpetrators of wildlife crime in the past. The recent poisoning of over 400 wedge-tailed eagles has reignited this debate, as WLT Head of Programs Evan Quartermain spoke to the Guardian to argue for stricter sentences for wildlife crimes in the hopes of preventing terrible actions like this in the future - Read the full article here. 


Wildlife Events

Just a reminder that the Australian Land Conservation Alliance (ALCA) Private Land Conservation Conference is taking place in Brisbane from the 24th to the 26th of October. Evan will be presenting a talk on Celebrating and supporting the collective contributions and diversity of Wildlife Land Trust sanctuary owners. If you're attending be sure to come and say hello!