This October we’ve welcomed three new members to the Wildlife Land Trust, contributing just over 100 hectares of wildlife-friendly land to our network! The WLT now includes 566 sanctuaries and covers 64,790 hectares in Australia.

One of our latest additions is Bussells Bushland Cottages, home to beautiful jarrah, marri, banksia and peppermint woodland and a vast array of native bird species.  

Evan recently attended the Private Land Conservation Conference in Brisbane, giving a talk about the collective contributions and diversity of WLT sanctuary owners. This conference was an important opportunity to connect with conservation-minded people and organisations in the private land sector. Overall it was a great success and a fantastic chance for us to show the importance of the Wildlife Land Trust and its many members.

As summer approaches many people are looking for their next holiday destination, and what better way to spend it than surrounded by nature? Our Sanctuaries You Can Stay program has grown to include 56 eco-friendly retreats, all owned by WLT members! Head to Rosecliffe Boutique Farm Cottages for an adventure-filled rainforest getaway; or relax with a tranquil stay at the historic farmlands of Mittagong Homestead.