February has been a fantastic month for the Wildlife Land Trust, with 4 new sanctuaries contributing nearly 235 hectares to our wildlife-friendly network.

Among these are Rainbow Glen, a beautiful riverside sanctuary housing a range of wildlife from wallabies to pythons! With 592 sanctuaries now making up the ranks we're looking forward to welcoming our 600th member, so if you know someone who might be interested please don't hesitate to let them know about the program!

Wildlife news

Last month we asked you to support our campaign to uplist the spectacled flying-fox after an unprecedented heatwave wiped out one third of the species in far-north Queensland. We're very pleased to announce that all our voices were heard and the Environment Minister officially recognised them as Endangered! Although this is a bittersweet win for the flying-foxes, we're hopeful that the incredible support behind this species will result in the urgent  implementation of recovery actions and much-needed support for wildlife carers. Read more about the win here.

Now that the hotter months are over we hope that the wild weather will calm down with it – Our thoughts are especially with all the wildlife carers and rescuers working around the clock after the fires and floods we've seen across Australia. 

Wishing everyone a great start to Autumn!