The Wildlife Land Trust is rapidly approaching the 600 member mark, with five new sanctuaries contributing 134 hectares to our conservation network!

We have some great news from WLT sanctuary Minton Farm Animal Rescue, which has announced the completion of its Freedom Flight Circular Raptor Aviary! The first of its kind in South Australia, this enclosure gives rescued birds a continuous flight path which is essential for building their fitness levels for release.

The facility is available for the community to benefit from – vets, environmental groups, wildlife carers and councils are welcome to utilise the aviary. Click here for updates.

Conservation News

Despite concerns over animal welfare and the plummeting waterbird populations following this summer's drought, the Victorian duck hunt has resumed for another season. Humane Society International is working to raise awareness for this terrible event, which has seen an average of 387,000 birds killed each season over the past decade. He hope the Victorian Government will halt this season and allow these populations to recover. 

Just months after HSI's campaign to recognise the dingo as a native species in WA, the McGowan Government has introduced shocking laws making it legal to kill dingoes with steel-jawed traps, poisons and compound bows. The use of these cruel methods on any other wildlife would attract a fine of $50,000. Please help HSI support WA's dingoes by writing a letter to Premier McGowan:

And finally, our thoughts go out to everyone in the Top End affected by Cyclones Trevor and Veronica. We hope everyone in the area will see some calmer weather soon!