Six new sanctuaries have joined the Wildlife Land Trust this October, contributing 41.37 hectares of private land to our wildlife-friendly network.

Our program now encompasses 623 sanctuaries spanning over 67,550 hectares! Among our newest sanctuaries is Illeray, a river flat property that supports a range of birds including spoonbills, jabirus and egrets.

Conservation News

Halloween is usually a great time for bats: in spring female flying-foxes will give birth, an event which coincides with native flowering and fruiting seasons. Unfortunately, this year drought and bushfires have led to a mass starvation of several species, and the summer ahead is likely to cause heat stress events to exacerbate their struggles. Check out our blog to see what our flying-foxes are up against and what you can do to help:

This month the federal government announced their 10-year review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act, the laws that govern Australia's conservation and wildlife protection policies. With more than 1,800 Australian plants and animals threatened with extinction, Humane Society International is campaigning strongly for Australia's nature laws to be improved. Read more here.

WLT Programs

The effects of the drought are already causing severe bushfires this year, very bad news for landowners and wildlife alike. With disasters like these expected to continue into the summer, Humane Society International has established a wildlife carer emergency response fund in order to provide support for rehabilitators on the frontlines. If you'd like to help build our fund please consider donating, and if you or any carers you know do need help rescuing or rehabilitating wildlife after a disaster event please don't hesitate to contact us – we're happy to help in any way we can!