We have been thrilled to welcome 51 new sanctuaries to the Wildlife Land Trust network this year, with this sustained growth bringing us to a total of 632 sanctuaries and over 70,000 hectares of wildlife-friendly private land!

Our sincere thanks to all of you for playing such a significant role in protecting nature – you're all needed more than ever right now.

It's been a very busy year in terms of our wildlife advocacy work, with the WLT attending the Private Land Conservation Conference (PLCC), The Australian Mammal Society Conference, The Dingo Dilemma Symposium and several workshops headed by the Australian Committee for IUCN. Evan also headed to the Pathways: Human Dimensions of Wildlife Conference in Colorado, USA to present on Australia's outdated and impractical dingo management strategies and I spoke at the NSW Wombat Mange Symposium to highlight the struggles with developing a national approach to mange control.  

We were also delighted to see five Threatened Ecological Communities nominated by Humane Society International gain national protection – these woodlands and forests are home to koalas, swift parrots and lots more, and collectively cover close to two million hectares! We also successfully campaigned to have the spectacled flying-fox uplisted to Endangered, securing better recognition and protection for this incredibly valuable species.

But of course it hasn't all been good news, and our thoughts are with all of you who have been impacted by unprecedented heatwaves, fires and droughts throughout 2019. In an effort to help we have established a wildlife carer emergency response fund to distribute resources where they're needed most, and are pleased to report it has already helped some of our fantastic members caring for wombats, koalas, flying-foxes and kangaroos. We're so grateful for these heroes, and are here for all of you if emergency assistance is needed.

While times have been trying it can definitely be said that 2019 has been a big year for the Wildlife Land Trust, and we're looking forward to growing the program, sharing your stories and helping Australia's wildlife into 2020. For now we hope that all is well on your sanctuaries and you enjoy a refreshing break with your loved ones to finish off the year!