Australia has had a very difficult start to the year, with countless people including many Wildlife Land Trust members impacted by the terrible bushfires, droughts and heatwaves this summer has brought.

We want to acknowledge the incredible work that so many of you have done this year fighting fires, protecting homes, caring for injured animals and providing food and water for wildlife in need. Through the long recovery ahead we wish you all the best and we stand by ready to support you wherever and however we can.

Photo: Yellow-tufted honeyeater enjoying an orange by Carla Jackett, Kangaroo Valley. HSI has supplied funding to the Kangaroo Valley Wildlife Initiative to distribute food for wildlife in burnt areas. 

Humane Society International has been busy providing aid and distributing funds from generous donors to the places that need them most. We have established a Bushfire Emergency Response and Recovery Fund, dedicated to bushfire recovery efforts to help wildlife and their habitat. These funds have been distributed to WLT members, wildlife carers and property owners affected by fires, droughts and the more recent NSW floods. So far we've funded over 40 projects including supplying emergency food and water drops to starving wildlife, providing carers with the equipment needed for an influx of patients and helping to restore lost habitat for local populations. If you or anyone you know requires help supporting wildlife after these disasters please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Photo: Brushtail possum in care by Kylie Hibberd. After bushfires hit her property, HSI provided Kylie with milk substitutes and fresh food to help her care for a range of injured wildlife. 

With our global HSI office we also deployed a very experienced disaster response rescue team to Kangaroo Island in South Australia to rescue wildlife in need even as the fires still burned. HSI Australia CEO Erica Martin, WLT Head of Programs Evan Quartermain and other HSI staff joined HSI global veterans from disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the California fires, rescuing injured animals and monitoring survivors in the charred remains of the island's forests and plantations.

Photo: The HSI Disaster Response Team on Kangaroo Island by Jo-Anna Robinson. HSI is currently conducting search and rescue missions to save injured koalas, possums and wallabies on the island. 

After they returned from Kangaroo Island, Erica and Evan headed to Bundanoon and the surrounding areas in NSW to visit several WLT sanctuaries after the devastating Bundanoon bushfires. There they met with carers from Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary, Dimmocks Retreat Wildlife and Wombat Care Bundanoon to discuss long-term recovery projects for affected wildlife.

Photo: A bushfire victim in recovery at WLT sanctuary Sleepy Burrows by Jennifer Osbourne. HSI is working to support wildlife carers, who are dealing with an influx of patients in the wake of the fires. 

Our Emergency Response Team on Kangaroo Island is continuing rescue operations and working with locals to help develop a long-term recovery plan for the displaced wildlife and damaged habitats on the island. Head to the Humane Society International and Wildlife Land Trust Facebook pages to keep up to date with our ongoing programs.