This march we welcomed six new sanctuaries to the Wildlife Land Trust, bringing us to a total of 650 sanctuaries nationwide! Our network now covers 71,387 hectares of private land, providing vital habitat for countless native species.


We hope you are all staying safe and keeping well as COVID-19 continues to spread – this is an uncertain and difficult time for everyone, and we encourage you to look out for yourself as well as your friends, family and neighbours. 

If you’re staying home, this might be a great opportunity to get started on some wildlife friendly projects – you could make insect hotels, plant a native garden or enjoy some backyard birdwatching! There are also a range of citizen science projects you can join to help conservation work – check out for some ideas.

Threatened species

The summer bushfires may have passed but the task of protecting fire-affected species is now critical for many species’ survival and recovery. As part of our bushfire response campaign, Humane Society International has teamed up with conservation charities WWF and IFAW to nominate the koala for an endangered listing in Queensland, NSW and the ACT. If successful, an endangered listing would drive governments to tackle the threats surrounding koalas and ensure significant habitats are protected. Read more about our bushfire response work in our newsletter here.

HSI has also nominated the southern hairy nosed wombat for a vulnerable listing nationally. With habitat destruction, sarcoptic mange and licensed culling putting immense pressure on already fragmented populations, national protection is now more critical than ever for this species.