This May we welcomed two new sanctuaries to the Wildlife Land Trust, contributing 21.5 hectares of privately conserved land!

Among our newest additions is Wordwood, a eucalypt forest providing habitat for koalas, dingoes and glossy black cockatoos.

Grant News

In the aftermath of the Black Summer bushfires, restoring ecosystems is absolutely critical. The Victorian Government has introduced a new grants program for private landowners impacted by bushfires to support their conservation efforts. Individual landowners are eligible for up to $10,000 for regeneration and conservation work to help restore burnt bushland and promote biodiversity. Check it out here:

Wildlife News

Things are beginning to turn around for Victoria's old-growth forests as well – this month a landmark ruling by the Federal Court found that logging in native forests posed a significant threat to leadbeater's possums and greater gliders. This has huge implications for current and future logging coupes and will pave the way for greater protections for these species' habitats. This ruling may mark the phase-out of native logging in the state! Read more.


HSI News

With the recent decision by Cairns Regional Council to disperse the spectacled flying fox camp in Cairns city, Humane Society International is once again fighting for better protection of this Endangered species. The constant destruction of camps and disruption of colonies is incredibly damaging for a species already on the brink, and HSI has requested a Statement of Reasons for the decision to approve of this dispersal. Read more in our blog.