This June three new sanctuaries joined the Wildlife Land Trust, adding 333 hectares to our conservation network!

Warm welcomes to Sue's Refuge in Victoria, Poustinia in South Australia, and Wildcroft in New South Wales. The Wildlife Land Trust now includes 658 members covering nearly 72,000 hectares of wildlife-friendly land.


With regeneration from the bushfires beginning and joey season just around the corner, we know many wildlife rehabilitators and conservationists will be gearing up for a busy time ahead! We've recently received several offers from volunteers willing to help out on wildlife shelters, so if you have any big projects to work on or need an extra hand please let us know.


We know all WLT members value their properties, and many of you express concerns about baiting and poisons used on nearby properties as well as the impacts these may have on local native species. A new group based in Victoria is tackling this issue, offering free legal advice, signage and assistance for any poison or baiting concerns. You can check them out here:

Wildlife Lands

We trust that you'll forgive us for the lengthy delay with the next issue of Wildlife Lands but are happy to announce that it's on its way to you now! Featuring an update on Humane Society International's bushfire work, an interview with a WLT donor and fantastic member-written articles, this is a must-read for any conservation enthusiasts! Do let us know if you'd like any extra copies for friends or family, and expect a digital copy in your inboxes early next week.