This March the Wildlife Land Trust is happy to welcome 3 new members, bringing us to 523 member sanctuaries across Australia.

 February 2018

The Wildlife Land Trust is going strong with 7 new members adding over 218 hectares of land supporting wildlife across the country!

January 2018

Our network has been growing rapidly this month with 8 new sanctuaries contributing over 1,500 hectares of wildlife-friendly land, bringing our total to 513 sanctuaries and over 6,700 hectares across Australia. 

December 2017

The end of the year is fast approaching! This year the Wildlife Land Trust welcomed a record 85 new member sanctuaries and 4,952 new wildlife-friendly hectares to our network. 

November 2017

This month we're very happy to welcome 10 new sanctuaries and 1,331 hectares to the Wildlife Land Trust, a fantastic boost for the tail end of the year.