Name Wildlife Lands Issue 06 (2010)

The really good news for the year so far is that the number of Wildlife Land Trust members in Australia has passed the 50 mark — 52 to be precise. Add to this our twelve international members in India, South Africa and Indonesia, and the Trust can really be said to be starting to make its mark. In addition of course, we must include the over 100 fellow WLT sanctuaries and private sanctuary owners in the United States and Canada.

This steady but strong growth is extremely encouraging, and we hope that it will continue through the year. Inside this issue you can read messages and news from new and existing WLT members, and we would eventually like to have all our members say a few words in print! You can also view a map of WLT sanctuary locations and a table on pages 6-7. As you can see, it would be very nice to attract more members from the north, south and west of Australia, so if you have any friends with properties...

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