The Great Eastern Ranges Initiative aims to maintain, improve and reconnect 'islands' of natural vegetation along the great eastern ranges. These ranges extend for 2800km from the Australian Alps north of Melbourne, west to the Atherton Tablelands, and north of Cairns in far north Queensland.

Kosciuszko 2 Coast (K2C) is a community partnership aiming to reconnect isolated woodlands and grasslands in an east-west band between Kosciuszko and Namadgi National Parks and the coastal forests of the Far South Coast. 

Gondwana Link is a corridor program linking habitats in south-western Australia, from the karri forest of the SW corner to the woodlands and mallee bordering the Nullarbor Plain. 

Habitat 141 seeks to restore the links between major national parks and nature reserves over a 700km stretch straddling the SA, NSW and Victorian border region, at longitude 141. This region includes magnificent habitats such as the Grampians, the floodplains of the Coorong and the Murray River.
Naturelinks is the South Australian Government's initiative to conserve their plants and animals by managing and restoring large areas of habitat as biodiversity corridors across South Australia. Five landscape-scale corridors are being developed across the state: Arid Lands NatureLink, Cape Borda to Barossa NatureLink, East meets West NatureLink, Flinders-Olary NatureLink, and the River Murray-Coorong NatureLink.