Featured Sanctuaries

Wildlife Lands Special Feature: Trish Kelly

Written by Evan Quartermain

Soon after starting out with the Wildlife Land Trust back in 2010 I had the pleasure of hearing from Trish Kelly, who was interested in making the 1,847 hectare Dilladerri in southern Queensland a WLT sanctuary. Along with the impressive size of what ended up being our 61st Australian refuge (at the time the second largest in the membership), I can remember being very happy to hear Trish mention the possibility of adding another property, Lockhart, to the WLT ranks.

Yelverton Brook

Written by Hannah Mulvany

The high, heavy duty gates and impenetrable perimeter fence of Yelverton Brook seem much more fitting to a military barracks than conservation sanctuary, but a second after passing through the gates, you are welcomed with open arms back into nature. The security provided by the huge fences has allowed the populations of some of Australia’s most endangered species to not only live but also thrive within the safety of the walls.


Loveland Wildlife Inc.

Written by Hannah Mulvany

Ken Loveland, the owner of Loveland Wildlife Inc, starts his day at sunrise when he is greeted at his front door by a mob of hungry kangaroos. But this isn’t your average mob, as it is composed of orphaned individuals that Ken has known since they were all joeys and has reintroduced and rehabilitated himself. The mob also differs from the norm as it contains red, grey and euro kangaroos, albeit with some individuals happier to socialise than others.

Balingup Heights Hilltop Forest Cottages

Written by Hannah Mulvany

When approaching Balingup Heights I could certainly tell where the proprietors had got the name from, for the hill I was about to scale was one of the steepest I have ever encountered. The ascent was absolutely worth it, both for the panoramic views over the Blackwood River Valley and the beautiful property that I had come to visit.